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Past lives as an actor, photographer, and travelling circus merchant inexplicably paved Solmund’s road to filmmaking. They produce with Dirtbag Films and work independently with other production companies, but all their work focuses on strengthening the arts community in their hometown of Winnipeg.

They’ve connected local filmmakers through SPLIT: A Film Anthology, showcased young artists work in the IOU Video Festival, and paired mentors with trainees during production of The Debut.

They are the youngest person to have won the RBC Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Contest, was Production Coordinator of their first studio funded feature at 18, and was yanked from behind the camera to act opposite Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern when working as a Trainee AD on JT Leroy.

Whether you need a c-stand set up, a hand filing your tax credits, or the fastest script turnaround of your life, give Solmund a call.