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Some nice things people have said about me and some awards I've won.


"The young filmmaker hasn’t taken much downtime."
-Alana Trachenko, for The Metro


Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Contest Winner
Gimli Film Fest

Jury prize awarded to The Debut

Best Music Video
U of W Film Fest

Jury prize awarded to Always the Same

Winnipeg's Favourite Filmmaker
The Uniter
Public vote, moderated by The Uniter


"The episodes we've brought [Solmund] on for are the two most intricate and complicated, and the biggest storyline wise."
-Josh Hood, for Shaw TV

"MacPherson only began making films professionally in 2015, but the young artist has clearly made a name for themself."
-Thomas Pashko, for The Uniter


"There's a wide array of talent here, but I have to single out a few... The presence and comic timing of Solmund MacPherson"
-Bradley Sawatzky, for CBC News



I'll be updating this semi-regularly when there's something of note to say. 


an irresponsible jury


The Gimli Film Fest Pitch Contest was a great experience, but giving $10,000 to a pair of barely legal youngsters was frankly foolish. You can see a mix of excitement, bewilderment, and terror in the various photos from the event and the following shoot. In the pitch I remember saying "I hope to look back on today as the day that we pulled ourselves up a notch" and thinking that it would be hyperbole. It was not, in any way, hyperbolic.

That pitch contest funding snowballed into way more money than we knew what to do with. More people were on set than I'd ever had, there was more at stake, and the cheques I was writing were for numbers I would faint at if it was personal funds. Looking at the pitch to screening photos taken almost exactly one year apart it's shocking how different Allegra and I look, like we were strapped into the life-sucking machine from A Princess Bride.

That said, this movie is the reason I dropped out of film school. It was the best education I could've hoped for. A lot has happened since then but most, if not all, can be traced back to The Debut.

Solmund MacPherson