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Some nice things people have said about me and some awards I've won.


"The young filmmaker hasn’t taken much downtime."
-Alana Trachenko, for The Metro


Emerging Filmmaker Pitch Contest Winner
Gimli Film Fest

Jury prize awarded to The Debut

Best Music Video
U of W Film Fest

Jury prize awarded to Always the Same

Winnipeg's Favourite Filmmaker
The Uniter
Public vote, moderated by The Uniter


"The episodes we've brought [Solmund] on for are the two most intricate and complicated, and the biggest storyline wise."
-Josh Hood, for Shaw TV

"MacPherson only began making films professionally in 2015, but the young artist has clearly made a name for themself."
-Thomas Pashko, for The Uniter


"There's a wide array of talent here, but I have to single out a few... The presence and comic timing of Solmund MacPherson"
-Bradley Sawatzky, for CBC News



I'll be updating this semi-regularly when there's something of note to say. 


I'm a cover girl


This is the first interview I've done where I don't feel like a huge idiot reading it. Although I did feel like a huge idiot carrying around a photo of my own face, so it evens out.

It's not available online, but it's the only publication in which I let slip that I had to lie about my age to get into the Gimli Film Fest Pitch Contest, so hunting down a hard copy is worth it if you plan on extorting me. Although the content is focused on the that contest which feels a little yesteryear at this point, it's nice to have a debrief with a bit more distance to the project, and I think there's some good insights about the nature of film development.

Viewfinder is a student magazine. Cassidy Dankochik wrote the article so a big thank you to him and the rest of the Viewfinder team. That's Ophelie Petit, Sam Cortes, and Marley Peters.

Solmund MacPherson